Runderwear are a UK based brand with the vision of creating the worlds best performance underwear for athletes across the globe. The Runderwear story began by attempting to find a solution to a problem of many runners, chafing! Founded by two university friends Richard and Jamie who both shared a passion for sport.

Jamie and Richard, met at Loughborough University in the UK when they were put in the same corridors in Halls of Residence and instantly became friends. Both shared an incredible enthusiasm for sport and Richard
was a track and cross-country runner whilst Jamie played most sports, particularly football. Fast forward a few years and having tried some good running underwear in vain, Runderwear was born!

Tennis players know the value of good underwear. Ensuring comfort and breathability is paramount on court. How many of us tennis players actually spend time investigating comfortable underwear for court wear? Sure we spend time picking our rackets and out shoes but underwear not so much. We all know what its like mid match when your heel starts rubbing against your shoe or you have perspired so much that you feel bloody miserable. How on earth can you perform to your best if you feel terrible?

Today we take a look at a few products from the Runderwear mens range that will have kitted out for any court. Ladies fear not, Runderwear do a comprehensive range for female athletes. You can check them out on the Runderwear site. Runderwear carry a extensive range of women’s underwear including running bras.  Runderwear offers underwear for women in 7 different styles including g-string, brief, hipster and long short as well as matching crop tops and bras.  For men, Runderwear also offers the brief as well as the boxer and long boxer.

The Lowdown on the Runderwear Boxer Short.

The Runderwear Boxer short come in a classy box and you get the feel of high-quality product. I slipped mine out of the packaging and said to myself, these are never gonna fit. Turns out I was wrong. They stretched
and fitted perfectly. The material used is incredibly soft and the garment is label free to prevent any unwanted irritation or rubbing. There are no seams at all, edges are flat and are just a really comfortable pair of boxers. I absolutely love this product.
So so comfortable. This product is available in all standard sizes and come in several colours too😊

The boxers are also moisture wicking, breathable and lightweight. You hardly realise you are wearing them. I can recommend these to any tennis player out there. Looking for support and comfort then please look no
further than the Rundewear brand. Runderwear also produce a longer option for those that prefer more length on their underwear. As a tall guy I actually preferred the longer model as they covered a little bit more of my leg and also worked well with the current
fashion in tennis shorts which is mid-thigh. For comfort, supportive performance underwear the Runderwear boxer really pack a big punch.

Runderwear Anti Blister Sock

Runderwear also produce a great range for your feet. The Runderwear anti blister sock range is the perfect accompaniment to the Runderwear boxer. Designed primarily for runners these socks are constructed with two layers of high grade fabric which rub against each other not chafe the skin. I loved the thickness of these socks. They are plush and very comfortable on court; an absolute treat for my feet. The Runderwear antiblister socks also are perfect length for me, not too high or too low. ( However you can go for an ankle version if you so wish). The more times I played with regular sports socks the more I realised just how inadequate they are for tennis. The Runderwear antiblister sock, is a great addition to my tennis racket bag. Comfortable and very breathable. You really couldn’t ask for anything else in a pair of socks. The Runderwear range will certainly have you Wimbledon ready in no time!

Seamless, chafe free, moisture wicking


Runderwear provide a Size Chart for both men and women which applies the same for all of their underwear products.